If you are inflating your own bouncy castle, remember to place it on the most level and smooth area in your yard. Ensure that the area is cleared of any stones, sticks or other items. After unrolling and fully spreading the castle, connect the blower to the long tube at the back. Unroll the extension cable to the fullest to prevent it from overheating and plug the blower cable into an extension socket. Switch on the blower and wait for the bouncy castle to inflate. The blower should continue to run while the bouncy castle is being used. While using the bouncy castle outside, it should be secured at the ground with pegs to prevent it from moving, falling or being blown away. Stake it down by inserting the pegs through the anchor ropes placed through the anchor point loops in the bouncy castle’s sides. If it is used on a hard surface or indoors, safety mats must be placed in front of the bouncy castle.

The price depends on what service you are getting. If you are getting your bouncy castle repaired we are only able to give you the price when we see the damage.
If you are buying a bouncy castle or a customised inflatable, please contact us by phone to get an estimated price.

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